Ragnarok Online! Best Online RPG To Date!
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Seriouslly! There's tons of different monsters, tons of cool bosses, the battle system is totally tricked out! AWESOME GAME! BEST COMPLETELY FREE ONLINE RPG GAME! NO BS! You can create your own teams, and join other's! Join classes such as Merchant (Merchants can make a huge amount of money easily through lvling up their job), Theif (Theifs increase their Dex stat mostly, they are very agile, and at high lvls, sometimes, the best), Magician (Mages, in the end, are quite possible the best class in the game, being able to deal 2k in one hit (at extreamly high spell and int lvls) is no laughing matter), Swordsman (Swordsmen are possibly the most common class, being able to use the best equipment in the game, it's easy for newbies to choose this class first), Archer (Archers rely also on Dex to increase their damage, but most people on Ragnarok refer to them as kill stealers, because they can kill monsters at a far distance, thus, killing the monster before others get a chance to attack) Acolyte (Acolytes are often refered to as Paladins, but they are not. They get to use equipment somewhat better than Mages, but not as good as Swordsmen. They are the only class to learn and develop the Healing spell, which is very usefull at high lvls...). Of course, to obtain these classes, you must first become a JOB lvl 10 Novice (Yes, there are 2 different types of lvling going up! Lvling up your base, gives you status points to be used to increasing stats of your choice in your status menu. Gaining a Job lvl gives you one Skill Point per lvl. Used to lvl up one skill per lvl. Now, with Status points, the higher your lvl, the more you obtain in one lvl gain...).

For beginners. I suggest choosing the Merchant, Mage, or Swordsman class to learn the ropes. If you are going for Mage, then move your stats leaving 3 Str, and 6 Int in the begining. Don't worry about dealing damage in the begining, because i have a lvl 19/14 Mage, and he can deal over 300 hp damage in one single casting of Fire Bolt! (That goes along way in Ragnarok!)

So, first, you must download and install the program. So, go here to get the RO Client program, and install it! After installation, the Ragnarok Setup will pop up, so you can adjust it accordingly. The 3D Graphics might be too much for your pc to handle, so change the Sprite and Texture quality accordingly also... Playing in Full Screen mode makes all the different, so i suggest that you do play in Full Screen mode! After the Setup get's finished, it will open the Patch Client. Ragnarok Online is currently in Open Beta Testing. This means that it get's updated alot, so don't be surprised if you download something new through your Patch Client. But don't let the Beta title scare you off this great game! It's too good to pass up! You must register on the web-site so you can get an ID and Password, so you can play the game, here's the URL now, when you get there, click on the English link (duhhhh!).


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it an actual game or browser based?

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