The 4th Coming (T4C)
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Post Apr 26th 2002 at 6:54 am
T4C is one of the kewlest online RPG's I have ever played. Check out this site: This is one of the many servers for T4C and its only a measly 5$/mo to play it. The game play is sweet and so i the game! It is more like a community than a game, there are so many people you can chat with while u play and everyone is pretty helpful. I really suggeust you check out this game!!!

BTW: I suggest you have high badwidth to download the client software... could get a little lengthy.

Check it out and reply to this post with ur comments.


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Post Apr 26th 2002 at 7:11 am
There is an even bigger 4th coming....
and $5 dollars is not even close to the cost it will be. For it will cost your time rather than money.

This 4th coming is the 4th coming of Twisted Fate Online.

It will be more than a forums
It will be more than an online game
It will be much better than a chat room
It will be more twisted than everything but its creator....

TFO4 Coming soon to a website near you....

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