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The year is 1347. The world is a dark place. The undead rule the night, and at the helm of all of the chaos is Darsarius, king of all vampires, who rules them w/ a bloody fist. His minions terrorize all those who are brave enough to venture into the night. Only a select brave few ever dare stand up to these wretched creatures. With bravery, cold steel, the help of a summoned familiar, the ancient arts of magic, these select few hope to rid the world of it�s bane, which is it�s infection of twisted creatures who devour the flesh and blood of the innocent. The all knowing, all seeing high prophet has seen in the grains of time, a young warrior who will come to rid the world of it�s menace, and seal Darsarius up for good in the eternal crystalline prison, or Fermamine, where he shall live out his immortality in the screams of his mind�s own hell. But who is this prophesized warrior? And when will he come???


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