RULES, & other things you should know...
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Post Mar 19th 2002 at 1:59 am
1.) Read the battle system to see how that works
2.) Read the instructions!!! When you have 100 posts, post in REGISTRATION, & the System Mod will Edit in your Stats & inventory!!!
3.) Battles are random, & story driven.
4.) You can talk to enemies in battle, try to be creative!!!
5.) Summons: You can summon 1 per battle at a time...It's like having another character. Summons can draw away attacks, & will stay 1 round per 100 posts you have. I will determine what attacks they will have, as it's not the SAME chocobo or Mog you summon every time!!!
6.) All rules are subject to change
7.) Battle damage will now be rounded off...This makes it easier for me to manage the math involved...No more 234 DMG...that would be more like 200 DMG
8.) Form parties, when the story permits, you can't beat it alone, & Rivalries too!!!
9.) More rules as I think them up. Everything is subject to change, YOU'RE IN MY WORLD NOW!!! GYAHAHAHA!!!
10.) If you start, & don't participate, your story will SUCK ASS, AND TOO MUCH INACTIVITY WILL DROP YOUR HP TO 0...Too long at 0HP, & you DIE PERMANENTLY, K.I.A...
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