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Post Mar 23rd 2002 at 6:58 am
Here's an AIM conversation Magus and I had earlier today... Remeber guys, it's in the Private forum for a reason...

Here it starts around 6:30 p.m. Central time on 3/22/02:

MagusCastle: Hi =-O
pplanetstorm: wow!!!!!!!! where have you been?
MagusCastle: working and college
MagusCastle: so hows it going man?
MagusCastle: i stopped by the board...and i was amazed
pplanetstorm: great
MagusCastle: kewl
pplanetstorm: yeah
MagusCastle: what have you been up to?
pplanetstorm: pretty much the same as before
MagusCastle: kew
pplanetstorm: runing web site, playing videogames...
MagusCastle: i've been through alot
MagusCastle: 3 of my friends are going to court :-(
pplanetstorm: that's not good...
MagusCastle: but i've also had some good stuff happen
MagusCastle: i'm getting a new car this week!
pplanetstorm: that's great!
MagusCastle: it is man
MagusCastle: gonna be cool
MagusCastle: the site looks very nice btw
pplanetstorm: thanks!
MagusCastle: heh!
pplanetstorm: I had to buy the vb software
MagusCastle: really?
pplanetstorm: we got busted for running it w/o a license...
MagusCastle: oh no
pplanetstorm: if you want to read the email I got about it, go here:
MagusCastle: ok
pplanetstorm: http://www,
MagusCastle: k
MagusCastle: wow
pplanetstorm: yup...
MagusCastle: sorry to here that man
pplanetstorm: it was bound to happen somtime I guess...
MagusCastle: i didn't get you involved in that, did i?
pplanetstorm: I got it under control, I don't think you had anything to do w/it though
pplanetstorm: I purchased the license, so I can run it now
MagusCastle: are you sure...seems to me you had a UBB
MagusCastle: and i gave you the vbb software
pplanetstorm: I still do
pplanetstorm: and you did
MagusCastle: oh man...
MagusCastle: i'm really sorry then
pplanetstorm: but I didn't tell them you gave me the vb software
pplanetstorm: I would never do that
MagusCastle: thanks man
MagusCastle: i'm just sorry all this had to happen...i never would have expected it
pplanetstorm: it's ok... I got it fixed now
MagusCastle: thats kewl
pplanetstorm: the url is registered with jelsoft software/vb
pplanetstorm: so it's legal
MagusCastle: the board got really active, thats kewl
pplanetstorm: yeah, were going to the top w/it too...
MagusCastle: i tried my best when i was around, but i got busy
pplanetstorm: that's what happens I guess
MagusCastle: seems like alot has happened there
MagusCastle: you post there much?
pplanetstorm: yeah, It went dead for a while
pplanetstorm: I do now
pplanetstorm: but just after you left, I haven't had much time for it until just recently
MagusCastle: you talked to nynaueve at all?
MagusCastle: oh ok
pplanetstorm: yeah, she came back
pplanetstorm: as well as atmaweapon
MagusCastle: kewl
MagusCastle: yea, i started a thread
MagusCastle: already got 9 replies Red Face
MagusCastle: i was shocked lol
pplanetstorm: I haven't been there yet today so I'll check it out
MagusCastle: it's really amazing, congrats man
pplanetstorm: thanks
MagusCastle: wow
MagusCastle: there are some very nice people there
pplanetstorm: yeah, we strive for the best
MagusCastle: thats awesome bro
pplanetstorm: your title says Admin, but your not actually an admin anymore
MagusCastle: yea i saw that
MagusCastle: i guess you needed to restart to board
pplanetstorm: I can change your custome title if you want
pplanetstorm: yeah
MagusCastle: nah...i'll keep it, for old times sake :-)
pplanetstorm: i guess it's ok
MagusCastle: btw, nice logo
MagusCastle: did you make it?
pplanetstorm: I didn't make it; check out a thread called 'Shameless Plug' in the ot forum to see who made it
MagusCastle: ok
MagusCastle: oh wow
MagusCastle: you still have my design
MagusCastle: thats kewl
pplanetstorm: I'm taking down that board
pplanetstorm: and redirecting all the trafic to rpgp
MagusCastle: oh ok
MagusCastle: when did the influx of members happen?
pplanetstorm: back at the end of January, I believe..
MagusCastle: oh ok
MagusCastle: i'm saying 'oh ok' alot lol
pplanetstorm: the world needed an altenate to VGChat...
MagusCastle: VGChat?
MagusCastle: videogame chat?
pplanetstorm: yeah
MagusCastle: oh ok
pplanetstorm: I don't know if you've been there
MagusCastle: i haven't
MagusCastle: i just guessed heh
pplanetstorm: but it's just a terrible forum run by a nasty admin
MagusCastle: oh
MagusCastle: that sucks
pplanetstorm: jesse smith...
MagusCastle: i got a playstation 2 now
pplanetstorm: that's cool, I don't have it yet
MagusCastle: but i haven't played any games for it...since january
MagusCastle: what kind of games have you been playing/
pplanetstorm: the newest game I got is ff9, i just got it and haven't played it yet
pplanetstorm: otherwise, just ff2,3, bof...
MagusCastle: i played Unreal Tournament for a bit
MagusCastle: yea, can't go wrong with the classics
MagusCastle: kmfdm_kid2000 has really put alot of effort into it
pplanetstorm: he sure has, w/o him, this forum would have died probably
MagusCastle: he makes paying for it worth it, i think
pplanetstorm: yeah, I've been paying for it since day 1
pplanetstorm: i'm moving the board to a dedicated server in the future though
MagusCastle: awesome
MagusCastle: wow, a whole RPG area too
MagusCastle: jeeze...ALOT has happened
pplanetstorm: yeah, that was k_kids idea
pplanetstorm: its awesome though
MagusCastle: looks like it
MagusCastle signed on at 7:39:13 PM.
MagusCastle: do you have nynaeve's aim name?
pplanetstorm: no... try checking her profile and see if it's there... otherwise I don't know it
MagusCastle: yea i found it
MagusCastle: heh thanks anyhow
pplanetstorm: ok
pplanetstorm: no problem
MagusCastle: i read the 'where it all started' thread
pplanetstorm: yeah
MagusCastle: i'm back! lol
MagusCastle: a few months to late
pplanetstorm: welcome back, nonetheless!!
MagusCastle: heh
MagusCastle: i think kkid is pissed cause so many people are posting in off topic and not on the RPG forums
pplanetstorm: he may be... but he put a lot of hard work into the rpg...
MagusCastle: yea, i think i'm gonna start a thread notifying people about using it
pplanetstorm: he likes it when ppl promote his RPG...
MagusCastle: the off-topic forum is named the 'off-topic' forum for a reason, the real 'topic' is RPGs.

K_Kid has come up with a great RPG and i encourage people to use it. Alot of time an effort went into it and i thinkit really has paid off, it looks great. so join in on the fun and try to keep in mind what the forum is about. Thanks
MagusCastle: thats what i plan to post
pplanetstorm: that sounds great!
pplanetstorm: are you going to join it?
MagusCastle: i'll try
MagusCastle: but i don't want to star a character and have to stop cause of school
MagusCastle: so i'll start one on spring break
pplanetstorm: yeah, he likes to see you there as much as possible
MagusCastle: well i'm gonna try to encourage him
MagusCastle: i don't want him to start losing faith in the board
pplanetstorm: he's not gonna lose faith in the board, in fact, he has big plans for it
MagusCastle: thats good
MagusCastle: i just want to help him out a bit, give him any encourgament i can offer
pplanetstorm: yeah, it helps
MagusCastle: wow, got another new member since i came back
MagusCastle: to see the board so succesful....makes me kinda proud
pplanetstorm: yeah, we're on our way now...
MagusCastle: always been a goal of mine
MagusCastle: glad to have been part of the history
MagusCastle: who is youre character?
pplanetstorm: I'm not in the RPG, exactly, but I kinda have a 'character' 'registered' for the battle arena...
pplanetstorm: Yuffie Kisaragi
MagusCastle: oh
MagusCastle: ok
pplanetstorm: not everyone registers two usernames for it though
pplanetstorm: just me
pplanetstorm: for the battle arena, for fun
MagusCastle: heh kewl
MagusCastle: atma is really into the RPG part
pplanetstorm: see the 'hacked' post count
pplanetstorm: yeah, some really get into it
MagusCastle: thats kewl

... and that's the end of the conversation...

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Post Mar 25th 2002 at 5:30 pm
ahh! youre all spies!
yea, was kinda shocked you had to pay for it
in conclusion (if you didn't want to read it)
Mad= no one!!!

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Post Mar 26th 2002 at 7:08 am
Yea, we're glad you're back, & no one can read this but Staff anyway...


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Post Mar 26th 2002 at 4:43 pm
are you sure? i think i was able to see it when i wasn't super mod...but mabe i'm wrong, i dunno

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Post Mar 28th 2002 at 7:40 am
Ask any user. Log out. Try it, you can't see it. I logged on from a scool comp & didn't see it...


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Post Mar 30th 2002 at 1:12 am
I can see the many reasons why this is in staff..... Roll Eyes

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