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Well, Summoning works like this: Your Character Casts a Summon, it will appear & act as another controllable Character, for 1 round to every 100 posts you have. A round is you attack, they attack, then Bye bye summon, if you have only 100 posts. Damage/ Effect of Summons attack is totally determined by me, & will be reasonable for that tier. When you die the summons leaves. Only these Classes Can summon these Tiers, & you MUST be at that tier, & EARN THE SUMMON AS AN ITEM TO LEARN IT, LIKE MATERIA OR ESPER SHARDS.

Wiccan/ SAGE-Tier I, II, III
Warlock/ SCORCERER- Tier I
Conservationalist/ ACTIVIST- Tier I, II, III
Scientist/ GENETICIST- Tier I, II


Tier I

Tier II
Dragon Lord
Linux Penguin

Tier III
Bahamut Zero
Knights of the Round
Super Saiyan 4
Gundam Zero
Demon Sickle


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Certain Classes can use magic. Wiccans can Learn Any Black magic, but suffer 100 HP damage regardless. Dunpeals can use White magic at day, Black at night. If there is no Day/ Night (Somewhere other than Earth) They may use both. Eventually, Decriptions will go up when I have time. Direct all Questions to RPG Help Thread located here:

You must earn magic as an item, (Like materia) & Use it to learn it. Once you learn it, you know it for good. These classes can use magic:

Fighter/ KNIGHT- Black, Tier I
Dunpeal/ VAMPIRE HUNTER- Both, Effect, Tier I, II
Wiccan/ SAGE- All (100 HP Penalty for black)
Warlock/ SCORCERER- Black (All), Effect Tier I, II
Rebel/ REVOLUTIONIST- Black, Tier I
Conservationalist/ ACTIVIST- White, effect (All)
Scientist/ GENETICIST-Black (All), Effect Tier I

Magic List

Tier I
Fire 1 - A Small Blast of flames
Ice 1 - A small frozen pelting of Ice
Lit 1 - A Small crack of lightning comming from the caster's finger
Electrocute 1 - A small current flowing from the caster
Hydro 1 - A small wave of sea water washes over the target
Evil 1 - The gates of hell open up to shoot a black beam of energy at the target
Hurtmore 1 - A small blast of force knocks into your foe
Tristar - 3 elements, Fire, Ice, & Lit combine in this attack
Kienzan - A razor sharp rotating disc of energy
Gieganskodan - A blast of energy concentrated at the chest, & then flung at your foe

Tier II
Fire 2 - A large blast of flames
ice 2 - A spear of Ice, flung at your foe
Lit 2 - A large lightning bolt decends on your enemy, before they realize
Electrocute 2 - A large current fries your opponant
Nuke - A large explosion, melts your opponent's skin
Flare - A blast of explosive force
Hydro 2 - A large wave knocks into your enemy
Evil 2 - Demons rise from hell & Tourture your foe
Hurtmore 2 - A large blast of force knocks your opponant 10 feet back
Maskenso - Energy blast concentrated over head & flung at your opponant
Big Bang Attack - Energy concentrated in 1 hand, then the caster turns palm twards opponant, & fires
Burning Attack - Fists put together, pulled way apart to build energy, then thrust together outward to shoot a burning energy beam at the target
Genki Dama - The forces of nature are absorbed into a large ball of energy & thrust at foe
Solar Flare - Huge shot of fire, comming directly from the sun

Tier III
Fire 3 - A HUGE engulfing of flames on all enemies
Ice 3 - A huge icicle barrage attacks your foes
Lit 3 - The sky opens up with lightning & decends on all foes
Electrocute 3 - A blast of current flows to shock all enemies
Hell Fire - Ground opens up & flames from hell engulf your enemies
Ultima - A Blue blast of energy engulfs your foes
Meteo - A shower of Meteors demolishes your opponents
Evil 3 - Satan himself opens the gates of hell & sends a huge blast of black darkness to attack all enemies
Hurtmore 3 - A powerful unseen force smashes into all opponants
Kamehameha - A huge amount of energy is concentrated between the palms, then a gigantic beam of energy is fired at all opponants
Final Flash - Ars pulled appart, then a huge blue energy wave is fired at all foes
Tien - 1/2 HP are sacrificed to do double whatever normal damage is on all opponants

Tier I
Cure 1 - 25% HP max recovery
Heal 1 - Cures Paralysis, sleep
Holy 1 - A small opening from the heavens shoots down a beam of light
Cleric - Increases White magic effectivenes by 1.5X for 2 rounds
Pray - Increases Holy magic effectiveness by 1.5X for 2 rounds
Phoenix Rising - Raise 1 friend up to 10% max hp from 0HP

Tier II
Cure 2 - 50% HP max recovery
Heal 2 - Cures Stone, Numb, Mute, Poison
Holy 2 - Angels Decend from Heaven, & thrust white hot beams of energy at your foe
Bishop - Increases White magic effectiveness by 3X for 3 rounds
Bless - Increases Holy Magic effectivenes by 3x for 3 rounds
Lazarus - Raise 1 friend to 50% Max HP from 0HP

Tier III
Cure 3 - 100% HP Recovery
Heal 3 - Cure all status effects
Holy 3 - God himself opens the heavens, & sends a huge blast of Holy white energy at your opponants
Priest - increase all white magic effectiveness by 10X for entire battle on ALL party members
Consecrate - Kill undead instanly (Works on all)
Righteousness - Increase effectiveness of Holy by 10X for entire round
Rapture - Raise all dead party members from 0HP to their maxes

Tier I
Time bend (+) - Attack 2X in one round
Time Bend (-) - opponant can only attack every other round
Demi 1 - Subtract 25% of casters CURRENT HP as DMG
Darkness 1 - Turn day into night artificially all opponents flip T** b/c they can't see, excluding any undead/ Dunpeal
Light 1 - Turn night into day Artificially
Stop - 50% chance of Stopping opponant for 3 rounds
Moglite - Float to avoid quake attacks
Deceive- last for 2 round on a single charter. all opponents flip TT*

Tier II
Demi 2 - Subtract 50% of casters CURRENT HP as Damage
Mini - Shrinks opponant 1/2 DMG for 2 rounds
Mute - Target can not cast any spell for 3 rounds (Except Heal 3)
Confuse - Attacks random targets (Including self) for 3 rounds
Outside - Escape, but lose battle
Hawkeye - HH* For 2 rounds

Tier III
Frog - Does 1 DMG for 3 rounds
Warp - Go to any visited place in the RPG
Necro - Turns opponant to Undead...Undead rules will apply to target
Choco-BOP - Target turns into a Chocobo & aids you in battle!!!
Oglop - Oglops jump all around your targets, & they can't attack for 3 rounds


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