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Post Apr 8th 2002 at 11:54 pm
People , search the web for any boards at all , if you have any on your favriotes list post them here so we can have more member , K_Kid you might want to look at Nick's sig , it has a few site that may be in alliance with us , PLEASE find a site and post it here , so we can get the memebrs and make this board more active in some of the other areas!!!!Big Grin

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Post Apr 10th 2002 at 5:57 pm
I look for alliances on the following criteria, doesn't HAVE to be, BUT if they fit all of the below, they're considered a lil more:

1.) Close to our Member, post, Thread count
2.) Game related board (Preferably RPG's)
3.) Friendly members who DO NOT FLAME!!!
4.) Somewhat involved Admin
5.) vB or UBB Board (No Ez-Boards please!!!)

See how hard it is to find a board like us??? CGN is most like us in many ways, that's why I went for it...Any new alliances, I'm gonna spy in the background, to watch how they interact with ppl & newbies especially...:1:


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