What Progies do u toy with?
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Post Apr 9th 2002 at 5:55 pm
what programs do you have? expensive or hot, what do have that others may not?

I have Adobe's Photoshop, illustrator, quarkexpress, premier, cleaner, after effects and acrobat.

in the corel line, i also have draw, paint, bitstream, rave, capture, texture, trace, bar code and duplex.

misc...ez cd 5 platnum!!! and nero. word pro 2000 and all it's goodies, Poser! Fireworks, Dream Weaver CDEX and screen hunter

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Post Apr 10th 2002 at 1:19 am
I get all mine for free from Downloads, FTP, Kazaa, or just friends...Some weirdo last summer gave me Windows 2000 Professional...:1:


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Post Apr 17th 2002 at 11:59 pm
ummmm...hey minx would you happen to have a serial number for adobe illustrator 10? i can't find one that works...and what proggies i toy with? photoshop 6, paint shop pro7, dreamweaver / fireworks, macromedia flash 5, Swish, sub7, trojan hunter, neotrace pro, black ice , studio 4 , roxio , undisker, ms visual studio, MAYA , web cracker, MICQ and about a couple hundred more i don't feel like mentioning..

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