Class Weaknesses
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Here are the weaknesses for each class...NOTE, AFTER EVOLUTION, THERE ARE NO RANDOM 1 HIT KILLS (Random Kill is determined if HHH is flipped, then a 4th coin is flipped, if it's also H, you die on the spot), AND WEAKNESS ATTACKS ARE CALCULATED 1.5X, NOT 2X:

Fighter: Human, Can be subjected to ELECTROCUTION (Random 1 hit kill) And other weaknesses, such as POISON (Bio attacks 2X Dmg) And Litning induces a Random State of SHOCK (Same as Paralysis, for 3 rounds) No magic has reverse affect

Dunpeal (BOTH): 1/2 Human, 1/2 Vampire...Can only use White Magic in Daylight, either by the sun, or artificially, with a spell, Black only at night (Artificial night w/ a spell also) Weak to HOLY Attacks (2X DMG) Unholy attacks have reverse affect. Random kill is SOLAR FLARE...

Wiccan: Casting Black magic of any kind reduces HP by 100 HP for ever spell. Absorbs HOLY, Weak to UNHOLY (2X DMG). Random kill is CURSE...

Warlock: Weak to FIRE, Can't be DECIEVED. Absorbs UNHOLY, Weak to HOLY (2X DMG). Random Kill is CONSECRATE...

Barbarian: Human, no electrical weakness of any kind, but weak to COLD attacks, & BIO (2X DMG) Random Kill is KIENZAN

Rebel: Same as Fighter

Conservationalist: Same as Wiccan

Scientist: Same as Warlock, But can't be confused. Also Absorbs BIO Attacks...

Cyborg: Weak to ELECTRICITY OF ANY KIND...Also, if equiped with Cold Endo Skeleton, Weak to fire, absorbs Cold, reverse is true for Fire Endo Skeleton...Can't replace any Equipment w/o a Wratchet...


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