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This is Trading Post...You make threads to offer your Wares to trade with others...Tell the system Mod about your trades, so he may update accordingly. You may also trade with the post. It goes a little Something like this:

5 Tier 1 Items = 1 Tier 2 Item

10 Tier 2 = Tier 3

50 Tier 3 = Tier 4 IF you're Lv 99 OR HIGHER (Ultimate Weapons)

YOU MAY ONLY TRADE FOR WHAT'S AVAILABLE!!! or if another person has it in their inventory...5 Tier 1 items = 1 Wratchet (Always available, just ask)

Almost any Class can use almost any weapon. There are limitations to some classes. if you DON'T SEE TIER 2 WEAPONS FOR YOUR CLASS, YOU CAN'T USE TIER 2 WEAPONS!!! If you CAN use tier 2 weapons of ANOTHER CLASS, they will be treated as a Tier 1 weapon in battle. If you use another classes Tier 3 Weapon, it'll be classified Tier 2.

For Armor, you must have A COMPLETE SET OF TIER 2 ARMOR, SPECIFIC FOR YOUR CLASS TO BE TIER 2 EQUIPED!!! Same for Tier 3...If you're wearing stuff that isn't for YOUR CLASS, you DO NOT BENEFIT FROM IT'S PROTECTION!!!



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