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Trade ANY of your Equipment for Higher Tier Equipment, for your class, or anything you wish, provided you have enough items in the proper tier to make the trade...You may trade higher equipment for as many lower tier items of your choice that apply for the trading value...

For Curative items, the trading value is this:

1 Tier 1 item = 5 Potions
1 Tier 1 item = 2 Medicines
5 Tier 1 items = 1 Crystal Shards
10 Tier 1 items = 1 Holy Water
20 Tier 1 items = 1 Lazarus Wrapping

~*Status Recovery Items have the same value as 1 Medicine*~

Life Recovery Values:

5 Tier 1 Items = 1 Phoenix Down
10 Tier 1 Items = 1 Angel Down
15 Tier 1 Items = 1 Magus Down
20 Tier 1 items = 1 Lazarus Wrapping

~*All Values Subject to change W/O ARGUMENT!!*~

For now, these are the official values, adjust w/ the other formulas for Tier 2/ 3 items. Materia apply as items too, but SUMMONS Can only be earned in BATTLE ARENA, TRIVIA, OR STORYLINE, and will be announced when one is at stake. make your own values for Summon shards, they can't be traded here, only between you & the users, & PRIVATE TRADES MUST HAVE THREADS MADE HERE, OR THE TRADE NEVER HAPPENED!!! You make your OWN values for private trades, that's between traders. After ANY deal is made, tell The System Mod to update. After a Private trade is done, and the System mod announces it's updated, the thread will be closed & moved to the vault where all records of trades will be kept. Enjoy Wink



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