RPG Palace Allies with gamer boards, well, soon...
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Post Apr 18th 2002 at 12:38 am
KMFDMKid2001: Greetings, Mina provided me w/ your AIM...
AMT Jack: Yes, she told me you wanted to talk.
KMFDMKid2001: Yes, it seems that I may have upset a few ppl with my posting, but that isn't the main reason I wish an audience w/ you at the present time...
KMFDMKid2001: At least all of my posts were good & coherant posts, I didn't just put up crap on the boards...
AMT Jack: You mean the good amount you posted just recently?
KMFDMKid2001: Yes
KMFDMKid2001: And I'm still posting
KMFDMKid2001: I didn't do it just for an Av..
AMT Jack: Yes, we've seen much worse before. From what I saw, it didn't seem bad.
KMFDMKid2001: Hmm, OK, I just wanted you to hear my side on the issue...
KMFDMKid2001: But, getting to the real reason I wanted to speak with you:
AMT Jack: Alright.
KMFDMKid2001: As you may, or May not be aware of, I help run another sucessful vB
AMT Jack: Yes, I am aware.
KMFDMKid2001: I represent my entire community, and am it's official Ambassador...
KMFDMKid2001: What I wish, & think it would definitely benefit, is an Official Alliance, or Affiliation w/ Gamerboards...
AMT Jack: What's your current ideas on how that would work?
KMFDMKid2001: In the past, alliances have spiked Activity for both Us & our affiliates...
KMFDMKid2001: Well...
KMFDMKid2001: We have a close Alliance w/ a vB called Collective Gaming Network...
KMFDMKid2001: http://www.bpestudios.com/forums/
KMFDMKid2001: Basically, all of our Staff is required to join our allies, even though their loyalties remain with us, it's a good way to increase Membership, participation, & forge new Friendships...
AMT Jack: I see, so this would be more of a friendly networking sort of thing then, correct?
KMFDMKid2001: Yes, exacty...
KMFDMKid2001: You may promote GB on our site, & We'll heavily push your boards URL as well
KMFDMKid2001: When we formed the Alliance w/ CGN,
KMFDMKid2001: Their first thread Neted Several pages of activity...
AMT Jack: How would you propose to promote each other's URLs?
AMT Jack: Just via threads or a formal linking structure?
KMFDMKid2001: We have an Affilite Scroll down bar...
KMFDMKid2001: And threads as well
KMFDMKid2001: We'd like it if your members Wore some kind of official banner in their sigs that would link to GB
AMT Jack: Do you mean them choosing to put that banner in their sig or us automatically putting it into every sig?
KMFDMKid2001: We have also an allince with Jean-Luc's board, but this is the only one that was taken in a hostile manner, however, Jean-Luc & I are friends personally & speak on a daily basis...
KMFDMKid2001: They Choose...
KMFDMKid2001: We just like that, b/c it shows pride in their home board...
KMFDMKid2001: Our Mods are required to wear our official banner in their sig when visiting Affiliates...
AMT Jack: I see, as you know, we've decided to turn off images in the sig for the time being.
KMFDMKid2001: Yes, I understand, it is your policy...
KMFDMKid2001: They'd be wearing just a URL when visiting GB...
KMFDMKid2001: On other sites that allow Sig images, they wear our official Banner, we understand it is your policy to turn off images in Sigs, & we'll comply with that respectfully...
AMT Jack: That is no problem at all, even if they wish to do it now.
KMFDMKid2001: OK, then may we announce it as an Official Alliance???
KMFDMKid2001: I've noticed a bit of increased activity today as well as yesterday ;-) I seem to have that effect everywhere I go *LOL
AMT Jack: Hehe, give me a bit of time to discuss this with Mina and see if there are any other questions.
KMFDMKid2001: OK, take as much time as you wish, we're fresh off of a new alliance this week...
KMFDMKid2001: Final Fantasy Symphony forums...
KMFDMKid2001: We doubled their membership, in just 2 days...


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Post Apr 19th 2002 at 2:21 am
How many memebers do they have , this could be a big deal!!!!

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Post Apr 19th 2002 at 2:26 am
RPGPalace is becoming a Board Network Node quickly, all thanks to our Foreign Realtions Minister, K_Kid.

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