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post poems that are original and done by you. And remeber all poetry is good poetry, so don't be ashamed to post any of yours. In fact please do. here are a few of mine....

"Void" -ID0001-
Slipping into a void, a place where no one knows
You take a breath of frustration
Denying all that you are
Hoping there will be a day you can return
You begin each day with a false desire
Then life smacks you with the truth
As the tears slowly roll down your face, you cry for someone to embrace
You scream for you know nothing else to do
You live a life so long just to die a death so wrong
Ending each day without a care
Watching and waiting trying not to break your fragile mind
You begin to slip into the void
A place where no one sees
Your own cell of self hatred
A place to crawl up and die

"Loneliness never again"-ID0002-
Gently twisting my heart
She says she loves me
Slowly but surely the blood stops flowing
A tear falls from the eye of my soul
A denial that only truelove can make
There is no end to it just continuous pain
Please end this suffering
Please end this love
Just let my heart beat one last time
Just one last breath
One last glance into the eyes of happiness
Loneliness never again
A place where I will be in the end
A void with just the two of us
So my heart can thrive
I want to be there with you.
So please come and be with me.
Yet loneliness never again.

Days go by
No traces of love
Yet not without
Could you believe in a place
without emotion
Could you believe in a place without hate
A place with only your heart and mine
A void made for two
Just me and you
Is this possible please tell me
So I wont live my life in misery
Love without you is worthless
So end my life swiftly
Or begin it slowly but surely.

The sound of anguish
The sound of pain
The sound of uprising
The sound of praise
The sound of anger
The sound of hate
The sound of fear
The sound of me chasing you
Don't run for it is the sound of you
What does this mean
What do you care
You just keep running till you run out of air
So scream for you know it wont help
Scream because you know its all you can do
Release that sound of desire
Just Scream

Love -> Death -> Ressurection -> Life -> Love
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Limericks I (and a few of my friends) wrote on a trip...

In Panama Steve is the leader,
Not eating is a misdemeanor,
He'll send you right home,
Using Justin's dough, (best rhyme ever)
His big truck, you really should see her.

3 plates of food had been eaten,
The two plate record he had beated,
He then went for 4,
He couldn't eat more,
He yacked all his food on the seat then.

Marie smashed the cheese glass while I ate,
Old Sadam stole some oil from Kuwait,
some krumpits and tea,
whatever will be,
Warren G and his homey Big Nate.

Randomness II
Hot dog and cold plate of cornish,
Trey Anastacio leads Phish,
Going here and there,
Ben Stein doesn't care,
Billy Ripkin was part Turkish.


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those are quite odd.

Love -> Death -> Ressurection -> Life -> Love
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Mediocre poems that have no title yet..

I walk over oceans
of frozen water, icy tears
while history is melting
creating cracks underneath my feet
clouds forecast a storm
scared by the thought of cold
they speed up, hurry home
back into their white cages, white graves
I cut through the weed
eyes burried underneath the ground
creators of this poisoned seed
trembling on the edge of life & death

I sit in the shadows with a pen in one hand
and a cigarette slowly dying in the other
While people walk by without ever noticing me
as I sit on the cold concrete thinking of you
,feeling depressed because this pen no
longer slowly slides or glides anywhere near
a spectators heart or soul even though the
cold claws at my face, and I try to express
What I'm going through, the expression makes
no sense because its all left with you, everything
disappeared with your warmth and comforting presence
that I thought I needed to make through
my self doubting way of life but now
I don't think I know anything at all in this world
I thought people wanted to be cared for but
When I cared for you I cared too much so I was
Tossed aside with nothing but a piece of paper
And this dried out blue pen that no longer writes

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