New Relics and Items, waiting for criticism
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Relic Items:

AmuletTonguerotects from Poison, Dark and Zombie
Atlas Armlet:Increase fight damage
Barrier Ring:Shell permanently over the wielder
Black Belt: Counterattack when hit
Cherub Down:Flota permanently over the wielder
Crystal Orb: Increase mps by �
Cure Ring:Regeneration permanently over the wielder
Czarina Ring:Safe and Shell over the wielder when below 10% of HP
Earrings:Increases magic damage
Economizer:Spells cost 10% MP less
Fairy RingTonguerotects from Poison and Dark
Gem Box:Can cast two spells per round
GogglesTonguerotects from Dark
Gold Hairpin:Spells cost � less
Guard Ring:Cast Shell when below 20% of HP
Jewel RingTonguerotects from Dark and Petrify
Memento Ring:Can�t be killed by one single magic attack
MithrilGloves:Safe when under 20% of HP
Muscle Belt:Max HP increased by 50%
Peace RingTonguerotects from Berzerk
RibbonTonguerotects from all status changes
Star PendantTonguerotects from Poison
Wall Ring:Reflect permanently over the wielder
White CapeTonguerotects from Mute

Normal Items:

Antidote:Cures Poison
Dried Meat:Recovers 10% HP
Echo Screen:Cures Mute
Ether:Recovers 25% MP
Megalixir:Recover HP and MP to max for all party members
Remedy:Cures any status effect but Zombie
Revivify:Cures Zombie
Smoke Bomb:Escape from the battle
Soft:Cures Petrify
X-Ether:Recover all MP

(note:When Zombie, the character may still function as normal, but will be damage by curative spells or items, and killed by Phoenix Down.However, this effect is off when killed.Also, when Dark, the character may not use any kind of magic besides of dark ones, and will be double affected by Holy magic)

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