I Need Help Despretly Please�.
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Post Apr 22nd 2002 at 12:04 am

I am doing a paper on hazing. It has to be a arguemenitive I need to turn it in by tomorrow but can push till Wednesday. IF you know what it is or would like to know please post here. I need so help on were to find the info. I do not care if it is for or against it. IF POSSIBLE can you send me a report on one so I can sue that as a basic how to do mine. I have been doing this site so much I have not put much time into this and this is my senior project. IF I fail it I Fail the class I have a 97 but no matter even if I had a 100 I found fail it I have to pass it just to pass high school.

I am also going to do a poll/survey on it and need some good question to ask.

So if you know a good site to look for info on or know were a report is already done on it please post it here so I can look at it. I am hopping to get this done by tomorrow. Thanks

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Post Apr 22nd 2002 at 2:24 am
Well, look here http://www.stophazing.org/
You will find lots of info about Hazing in different areas.
Sorry for being so late with help, but i didn't know that you where still working on it.The best of lucks!

Here's more:




Hopes this helps.

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Post Apr 22nd 2002 at 3:32 am
this sounds liek the name of something f41rj would put as a help thread lololol lol

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Yeah, maybe we should haze F41rj, but he'd probably like it, that lil Fairy...LOL


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*pulls up his slacks* yarrr....we shouldn't make fun of the fairy, he'll put you to sleep! he's got a certain friend who puts poeple to sleep...the sand man! he's a fairy! oh and just talk about how people always make fun of gays. like instead of "oh that's stupid" they say "oh that's gay!" yarr i be off to scourge the 7 seas yarr!

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Post Apr 22nd 2002 at 9:15 pm
thanks for the help. If anyone know were i can get a report allready on this so I can use that as a guide. Please tell me. I am not the one to copy I just need some good Ideas and sources on it.