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Anfiniti Network refers to an amalgamation of Anfiniti Forums, Anfiniti Wiki, RPG Palace, Anime Outlook, and Mystic Web. It is the one true remaining legacy to RPG Palace and its community. There may be generic offbrands, such as Rogue Dynasty, but Anfiniti Network is the brand choosey mom's choose most, and your mom chose us.

Storm Administration

Oldest known snapshot of Anfiniti v1.


Anfiniti dot net was originally created by Storm, circa 2004, as the de facto RPG Palace v5/6 while attempting to hide from Reno and his threats to expose him for consorting with underage girls on the web. Like RPG Palace v4, it ran on vBulletin 3 forum software, sported (probably stolen) skins from the now-defunct eXtremepixels LLC, and ran an instance of the RDE, which was probably refactored stolen from Zajacko's RCS codebase.

Transition of Ownership

In 2005, Solitary Seraph offered to take control of Anfiniti while Storm lay low. Solitary Seraph promptly established a cabinet of the most elite web shitposters (read: his friends) and the community began thrive. During this period, at one point, Anfiniti would receive some ten thousands posts in a single ten-day period. This activity was beyond anything Storm had seen since the RPG Palace v3 days.

Although it is not known exactly how -- whether it was a faulty plugin that Solitary Seraph had installed (pretty likely), or Storm in a fit of jealousy, fucking with the forum he loaned Solitary Seraph (even more likely) -- the board started losing members and posts. It became evident that some tomfuckery was afoot. Eventually, in a move alluding toward the ladder conspiracy, Storm reported Anfiniti to vBulletin as stolen, and the site was shut down. Anfiniti was able to get their own vBulletin license, and so began the golden era of Anfiniti v2.

Around this time Storm started up RPG Palace v7/8, and a line was drawn in the sand.

Solitary Seraph Administration

2006 Merge with Anime Outlook

Main article: Anime Outlook

Solitary Seraph ventured to a site known as Anime Outlook, a site owned by Prophet, and rose through their ranks. During his tenure there, he met people he wanted to bring with him to Anfiniti. He convinced Prophet to merge Anime Outlook with Anfiniti, a move not very welcome by the Prophet's community. Newbies were often met with contempt and ridicule if they acted immaturely or didn't immediately fit in. Though the majority of the Anime Outlook community was ran off of Anfiniti, a few stayed.

Because Storm was a petty asshole, the Anfiniti dot net domain was "no longer available" and a change had to occur. There was a debate on what the new domain name should be, the second most suggested being "Anfiniti Outlook". Ultimately, the name Anfiniti Network was decided upon.

Mystic Web

Main article: Mystic Web

After helping Anfiniti's troll forces various times throughout their raids, around fifteen of Mystic Web's members had joined Anfiniti. Most of what is known about Mystic Web is on it's main article, which is linked above and below.

Nimue Administration

For a time, there was a general sense unrest among the assimilated potion of the community. Solitary Seraph took a break and left Nimue in charge. This reign was short-lived, and when Solitary Seraph returned, he proceeded to clean house and appoint his own staff again.

Peak of Activity



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