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Caution!Blackpokemans.jpgThis article is about a black person.
Guard your white women and pokemans.



First having joined RPGPv3 in august 2003 under the name of cyrax1223, he wasnt exactly a figure of outstanding intelligence, partly because he was 13 at the time. His posts, while not numerous in quantity, were filled with typos, smileys, and "lol"s. cyrax1223 became quickly addicted to RPGP's RCS, an rpg game where members could fight eachothers. Over time, cyrax1223 became a friend of Solitary Seraph (Sean), who, after cyrax1223 joined the Fission Warriors -A clan made to rival the Fusion Warriors, but with similar methods- , supplied him with massive ammounts of Fission Sodas, items that would boost the stats of a player to ridiculus ammounts. It is said that Solitary Seraph had a harem of sorts, and that jokingly, some male members were part of it. cyrax1223, was slut #1. Eventually, RPGPv4 rolled down the lane, but cyrax1223 was tired of that forum, and vanished when the database required to re-register at the new version.


His off time from the community eventually ended in august 2005, when Solitary Seraph dragged him to a new forum, that split from RPGP some time ago. Being bored at the time, he joined as Cyrax, and eventually became one of the regulars. Thankfully, he had become more mature since RPGP, and his posts were more intelligent and had more substance. He is still one of the few Canadians on the board, getting him the bad end of the joke stick often. He has been known as a bit of a perv, though sometimes actually making some good jokes. He is also known to have little to no self-respect.


One of the many odd things that Cyrax did was the infamous "Loldog". an amalgalm of bacon, ground beef, and hotdog saussages, drowned in egg juice, cooked to perfection on a BBQ, and served inside a large sandwich bread covered in garlic butter. This orgasmic culinary masterpiece gave him a place in the Anfiniti hall of fame, though some think that such an evil meal shouldve killed him. The only side effects of such a meal seemed to be a loss of pigmentation on the left side of his beard, making it completely white. Not gray, not silver, WHITE.