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Teh Ferrat

Note: I find it awkward to write about myself in a factual manner. I'll keep it simple and let you folks edit more stuff on.


Ferret was introduced to the magic of Rpg Palace one fine day in the late parts of March 2002 when a ragtag bunch of weirdos introduced themselves on CGN Forums and talked turkey about palaces and alliances.

Referee of Doom

Session Start (AIM - Ferret10k:kmfdmkid2001): Sat Apr 13 01:28:28 2002
kmfdmkid2001: We need to talk, stop what you're doing, please, it's major important...
Ferret10k: *stops killing people* Ok
kmfdmkid2001: LOL
kmfdmkid2001: Anyway, here's the deal...
kmfdmkid2001: You've been selected to Mod for us...

And that's how it all started.

During this time, Ferret sported a very fashionable avatar of Judge Mills Lane, which would prove indicative of his gifhum0rz madness.

RpgP versus GQ

Due to events taking place shortly before the break, Ferret decided not to migrate to Gamequest along with many of the other people. He did later join as a normal member and posted at both boards.

RpgP v.3

I don't recall.

RpgP v.4

Battle Arena sees a renaissance and Ferret is busy. This all ends when Storm torches the database for the umpteenth time. Ferret, having again lost a few days of work due to the database reset, decides to leave.

Between RpgP v.4 and Anfiniti

Ferret hangs out at Crystalline Dreams, a board run by Apathy who was a short time member at RpgP. The board decomposes after a few months, and Ferret indulges in World of Warcraft.

Anfiniti and the present day

Sometime between then and now Ferret signed up at Anfiniti. He posts there on a regular basis, along with a few other undisclosed forums.