Forkface Willy

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Forkface Willy is said to be an elusive creature, with few sightings reported between 2006 and 2008. However, encounters have become more common since the summer of 2008.

Forkface Willy is also known as Forkface, Fork, and Fork-kun (wtf I tell you guys again and again that I have a vagina).


Forkface Willy lurked MysticWeb, or so we believe.

Anime Outlook

Forkface was a bit more active on Anime Outlook, but eventually started lurking because of one admin who liked to think that internetz r ttly srs. Luckily it was nothing more than just two clashing personalities butting heads, but FW went off to become a Gaiafag and actually learned a thing or two out there.


FW joined Anfiniti a bit after the merger, but still lurked (probably out of fear of srs internets). Eventually she started to actually post there, and then lurked again. She is currently having one of those semi-active phases.

Fun Facts

-Forkface Willy can still be found at Gaia. Her main account there is Awesome O`Brien.

-Forkface Willy does indeed have a penis. She keeps it in a jar on her dresser for decoration.

-Internets r supr srs.