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Indigo first joined the RPGP/Anfiniti scene at RPGP v3, on April 30, 2004, as Crimson Shadow. He made one or two posts, but mainly just lurked, until eventually forgetting the place existed. In late 2004/early 2005, he returned in either RPGP v4 or Anfiniti v1/v2, forgot exactly what the order was around that time.

In April 2005, after creating a few nifty utilities for the RPG hack, Enema created a poll to have Indigo promoted to RPG Master. It wasn't long before he was voted in unanimously, which appeared to cause a small bit of concern with Storm and AllenSam, since it happened so suddenly, and he was only an active member for a few months. Things were settled quickly, and Indigo mainly did some basic modifier work, using his still-fresh PHP knowledge to develop some skills. He thought of an idea to let equipment be used as items, which could be combined with limit-reducing code, to emulate Lufia's great IP system. Unfortunately, this didn't catch on like he had hoped it would.

The Anfiniti/RPGP Split

After Anfiniti and RPGP split apart, Indigo became a consistent member on both Anfiniti and RPGP for a time. He remained an RPG Master on both Anfiniti and RPGP for a short time. Afterwards, he was promoted to Administrator on Anfiniti, and Super RPG Master on RPGP. Soon after the Legendary Flame Thread occurred, he was promoted to Administrator on RPGP as well, replacing Andy. After bouncing back and forth in a very interesting situation (Anfiniti and RPGP were mortal enemies during this time), Indigo eventually resigned from RPGP to hang out at Anfiniti full-time. The final straw happpened when RPGP's Admin CP "mysteriously" glitched, hiding the navigation menu and making it harder for him to do his job.


Nowadays, Indigo randomly posts around the forums and shoutbox, and codes a few things here and there. The biggest project he finished was the recoding of the shoutbox, dubbed as NextShout, which offered better performance and more features than the existing vBShout. Other projects which fell through include the Crimson RPG Creation Engine (CRCE), Anfiniti CMS, and the Anfiniti RPG (which is now only half-dead). In early 2009, he started a new project, now named Crindigan, created with proper design patterns in hopes that it won't get too ugly to finish.

Taboo and Mystery

Throughout 2006, Indigo, for an extensive period of time, used an avatar of the character Iago from Disney classic Aladdin. Anfiniti analysts have debated thoroughly as to whether this prolonged usage masqueraded a darker truth; a fetish for animated Parrots. The Man of Mystery himself has yet to comment on the matter.

Self Portrait