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What the Fuck!Lurk.jpgThis user lurks way too damn much
You can help by telling them to get their hands off their naughty bits and post, dammit.

Video Game Chat

When Link was just a lad (Around 13 was it?) he became aware of this wonderland called "The Internet" as amazing as it seemed it perplexed him very much so. Determined to crack the code behind this new frontier Link searched around Google for a "chat room" to commune with his fellow gamers. He searched long and hard (meaning the first page or two, go figure.) and was about to give up,but, before that a strange site caught his eye. The site by the name of "VG Chat" was where our Link started his message board addiction. Link lurked and assimilated amongst the board's vast userbase, for many months Link felt at home in this land and thought the good times would never end. But eventually the Admin felt is was necessary for a complete board evolution and complete reset which saddened Link. A few days flew by and the board slowly shifted into the new ages as members flocked to claim their spots once more, however, Link made his return but did not stay around for that long. He felt that everyone he once knew as friends had all migrated or changed completely since the reset. Distressed Link departed his former home and went on a message board hiatus for a couple of years.

RPG Palace v3

Welcome back dear readers, you've all been patient and as such I will reveal the next part of my story. Y'see after such a long time away from a hobby on the Internet Link met a few friends in the real world the ones you now know as Cloud and Evan, soon the newly-formed trio had to find something to occupy their time. Link stepped up to the task and began to ask around the school the three shared and finally obtained the location of a flourishing site by the name of RPG Palace (or v3 for short as the locals called it) quickly springing to his home computer and fired up the URL. Finding himself face-to-face with the largest board he had ever seen in his entire lifetime, he clicked around and finally got around to registering as "hypershadow" also taking the time to call and inform his friends who all registered as well. Soon enough Link found his way into the playland known as the "RCS" good times were had by all, except, of course he had to post to gain money to purchase stuff amd join a clan! Not exactly the guru of conduct he stuck to the method of abbreviating words and using AOLspeak at all times. Of course he did not enjoy this and asked Cloud to post for him and he did a few times in the same manner as Link which would lead to his downfall. Link broke rule after rule by dummy training and making nothing but spam posts in every single area where posts were supposed to count. He logged on one to day to find himself banned and the fun was over. Many months went by as the entire trio found themselves banned as well, after a while the three found a way back in. Refreshed and seasoned with new knowledge (not so noobish anymore) accounts were forged with Link donning the guise of "Sorafan". Under this new identity with experience under his belt Link found his way into the inner circle and gained new friends with a better grip of the RCS. Surviving a few scares as v3 faced being shut down several times, but, that leads into another part of the story. The RCSing went along well as Link found his way into many clans such as SOLDIER and Fusion, ultimately this would be a waste as the next version of the Palace was near and members began to jump ship as soon as it become one to the public, not one to be left behind Link followed.

RPG Palace v4

Having followed the crowd as to not lose sight of his pals Link found himself smack dab in the center of a brand new world. Quickly snatching up the username "Link" he registered and made his welcome thread.


  • Link is a professed nazi, hellbent on ruining everybody's fun on Anfiniti.
  • The above line is an exaggeration; it's merely a gag run by a few members of the site to annoy Link.
  • Is a Sonic the Hedgehog fanboy.