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Note to readers: My memory is a bit sketchy, feel free to edit anything as you wish, all i ask is that you keep it as accurate as you remember, for history's sake. Thanks and enjoy reading. -Nan

NanakiXIII. Known by many, hated by few, this veteran administrator has been around the block, probably one too many times. From joining his first forum, to discovering another and climbing the ranks to unconceivable power, he knows firsthand the glories of forum-war and how to bake cookies.


TheFinalFantasy and RPG-Club

Nan was born in one of the most haunted towns in America. Whether this had an affect on his life has yet to be seen. Childhood isn't important on the internet, physically speaking. As a young internet-child, he joined quite possibly the most popular Final Fantasy forum of the time, The Final Fantasy(TFF). Learning the subtle art of Roleplaying(RP) and developing his internet social skills, he grew to become a respected member of the community.

He worked part-time on a website that was supposed to be the most popular RPG-elite site, RPG-Club(RIP). Working tirelessly with little to no knowledge of what or how an FTP worked, he struggled to help the site get off the ground when the administrator of TFF and RPGClub went AWAL. Without much access to anything that could help fix the bugs now plaguing the site, he left in search of something more fulfilling.

RPG Palace

With nothing but a fresh pair of socks, a paper hat, and google at his side, Nanaki found RPGP. He instantly fell into the place, meeting prominent members, offering to help out whereever neccesary and climbing the ranks from Member to Mod. From Mod to Super Mod. From Super Mod to Head Mod, and eventually Assistant Administrator and Storm's right hand man. He was the go to guy when members wanted something done, whether it be to add/nuke a forum, unban a fellow member when Storm went crazy and got button-happy. From RPGP v2 to v3, Nanaki held a prominent position in the community, well respected and more than happy to help new members out.

After the development of the RCS, Nanaki founded SOLDIER, the clan for the elite of the RCS, without use of modifying the characters or the members getting handout's from admins, and admins powering their characters to horribly throw the game out of balance. SOLDIER was above that, founding it's own private bank and providing it's member's with money won legitamatly and out of Nanaki's own pocket, the clan flourished. The leadership was later passed onto AllenSam who to this day(as far as I know), runs it quite well.

It was also worth mentioning that Nanaki was a part of the elite TRGC. Don't know? Maybe someone will make a wiki about it someday.

After a dispute with Storm and the ungrowth of Drama with a new admin appointment, Nanaki left RPGP with no intention of ever coming back. To this day, he has stuck to that. [Author's Note: I don't remember what happened exactly. If someone remembers, edit it in for history's sake. -Nan]

The Solitude

After leaving RPGP, Nanaki turned to many other forums, but never really stuck to one. He even formed his own forum, mainly to keep in touch with old members he wished to keep in contact with. After failing with the task, he turned to the Simchamber, a website dedicated to the roleplaying and battle of mechs following a basis similair to Super Robot Wars. Boredom swept Nanaki and he eventually left before the battle system reverted to an entirely new system. He dove into MMORPG's one after the other, striving to find a game he could get into, and socialize with the players. From Star Wars Galaxies to EVE Online to Final Fantasy XI to World of Warcraft, he's finally found his place in the gaming world for now.


Throughout his solitude in the vast internet, he has been invited to join Anfiniti multiple times, mainly by Wesker, to join the 'cool club'. Not wanting to get involved with a forum, Nanaki turned the offers down until Wesker finally convinced him to join and post one thread. That started it all. Nanaki was an offical member of Anfiniti, the 'cool club'.

Present Day

Nanaki spends out his days online playing World of Warcraft and contributing to Anfiniti. That is all.


Many people have made profound impacts on Nanaki's life, and they deserve some sort of mention.

Ryan: Always been there for Nanaki, through the good and the bad. Originally joined together for a love of music, and a possible hatred for Storm and idiots? Either way, they have helped each other through many rough times and had more than enough AIM conversations about everything.

Wesker: Another member who has had a profound impact on Nanaki's life. Always willing to speak his mind, even if it wasn't what Nanaki wanted to hear(but possibly needed to hear), he was the man to set Nanaki straight on issues he needed help figuring out, whether it be girls, school, or what to do with the remnants of his Afro(RIP).

Ferret (For lack of a real name): One of the smartest people Nanaki has had the pleasure of running across, with a nack for making anyone 'lol' and always seemingly pointing out a portion of a topic that someone hadn't seen before. His Roleplaying skills are incredible, and Nanaki shared one hell of a Role Playing adventure in Soul Split. The RP is long dead, but the manuscript is kept safe in both parties possession, for whatever reason.

Thiorn: Although Nanaki hasn't talked to Thiorn much, he deserves a spot in the list. His knowledge and Roleplaying skills are second to none. How someone so intelligent could even communicate at the 5th grade level the rest of us communicate at, is beyond the scope of this article.

Regenald: Although noone probably talks to ol' Reg anymore, keeping in touch on AIM helped Nanaki kill time, trade stories, and...well...noone probably even cares.

Zaben: They don't talk too much anymore, but he's definatly worth mentioning as having a profound effect on Nanaki's life.

If you are not on the list, don't be disappointed, a lot of people have helped me do this and that and possibly even been a great influence, the author just hasn't had the time to edit people in.