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The Beginning

One starry night in South Dakota, cultists gathered and prayed the to elder god, Nyralathotep. The sky rendered open, splitting the heavens with a fluctuating blue color as tentacles whipped out accepting the flayed man as a sacrifice. As the dead carcass was wound back into the portal to R'yleh by one large tentacle, another brought out a girl and flopped her down in front of the cultists feet. And from that day on, Pariah was created.

Other than this, pariah has been relatively normal. She enjoys the usual things a girl her age enjoys: horror films, wide variety to music, video games and eating the flesh of the living.


Despite what most think, pariah and Wesker, a resident of Anfiniti, have a torrid affair involving drugs, zombies, and video games. Because of this, he successfully coerced her into joining Anfiniti. She joined on 4/10/06, and despite several abandonments (college, crazy powers exploding her computer and destroying several small towns in a covered up disaster on the scale of Hiroshima) she constantly returns, even if she herself isn't sure why.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Zombies, games, flesh, goth boots, horror movies, strip joints, Cyrax, and the occasional Cthulhu.

Dislikes: random AA'ing.