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Pip is some old fart member from the good old state of Rhode Island. He was born on January 22nd 1990. He's a pretty gr1m dude.

Early History(Roughly March 2001-June 2003)

In March 2001, Pip being a supple young lad at the age 11 joined the forum Allrpg, thinking it'd be cool to talk to other people who played Chrono Cross. At this time he registered under the name "Piplover" and pretended to be 13. Being vastly younger then most members, he annoyed the staff and was eventually banned(Probably about September 2001). To ease his pain, Pip played Neopets and watched alot of Dragonball Z, while still creating "secret screen names" from time to time in order to post on Allrpg. Then, in May 2002, after coming in from a long night at his cousin's wedding and after watching Yu Yu Hakusho, Pip went on to his Allrpg. Here he noticed The Big Cheese,drafting a goodbye thread and promoted a new board called "Game Quest." Pip promptly joined the site and liked it much more as they seemed more friendly and open then Allrpg. Pip continued to reside here through his 2002 and 2003 and even created an account on Game Quest. Notable events here include the e-infatuation with a member named Omikuji, becoming an anime loser and the event which begins the next chapter of the Pip's story...Neo-Paganism.

Pip is named after this queer thing.

Faggot Pip(June 2003-September 2004)

Pip was (and still is) always interested in Occult topics yet was raised in an Irish/Italian Catholic family, but during this time, Pip traveled down the fruity path known as Neo-Paganism. Around May 2003, Pip aquired his own computer and therefore searched around all kinds of sites he didn't want his mommy to know he looked at like www.spellsandmagic.com and www.witchvox.com. This is when Pip decided to throw all logic out the window and think of himself as a Druid or something like that. He'd often go to Barnes and Noble and pick up New Agey books and hide them so his mom didn't see them(In fact, even now, they're in the storage area under his TV). Members began to loathe Pip's "Pagan Pride" and shunned him and he became a victim of the wrath of Wesker. So what did Pip do? He visited other forums like UGF and GRF but still kept tabs on RPGP. Eventualy, by the end of his 8th grade year, Pip was begging to realize that girls are pretty important and his faggotry waned, as did his interest in anime. By May 2004, Pip even realized how stupid Wiccans are and created the National Wiccan Slap week which is still celebrated to this day. During the summer of 2004 Pip's interest in Neo-Paganism continued to wane until a very important event happened...he got laid.

Pre-Modern Pip(September 2004-September 2008)

The modern, badass Pip everyone knows and loves began to surface after he lost his virginity and renounced all that fruity Pagan stuff. In fact, Pip's political beliefs became very right-winged and he became a Christfag for a brief period(btw, Pip thinks politics and religion are gay so don't mention them around him). Unfortunately, with this new Pip came a decrease in activity. Although Pip still visited Anfiniti everyday, his posting has decreased dramatically and he doesn't have the energy to get into massive posting anymore. During this time, Pip started drinking, hating weeaboos, and began to listen to punk rawkkkk.

Modern Pip (September 2008-present)

Pip is currently a secondary education major in college. He is specializing in social studies. Pip has a scholastic interest in Anthropology and especially human evolution. He is most interested in what from our species history still influences our behavior and culture to this day. His political beliefs are eclectic and form a strange bond between libertarian and socialist ideas. He is agnostic.

Pip is also an aspiring film maker and is currently working on a film he co-wrote titled "Big Jack Goes Old School." Other interests of Pip include comic books, films, weird 80s music and other strange things.

Fun Facts!

  • Pip has a pigtail fetish.
  • Pip likes his women short(4'10-5'2)
  • Pip is NOT a pedophile.
  • Pip plays bass and drums.
  • Pip considers himself an expert in the Dragonball series.
  • Pip works worked at Wal-Mart
  • Pip has bought Surge on Ebay.