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A place far, far away..

The place where a good portion of Anfiniti members originated. It was formed in 2001 by Magus, but it was handed over to Storm shortly after its creation. Over its history, it has always been plagued by admin malpractice, corrupt moderation and member rebellion. Despite this, however, the forum had always prospered in earlier times due to the integration of Zajako and Storm's RCS (a PHP based online battle RPG). The RCS had a number of negative repurcussions, however: Veterans claimed that the RCS detracted from the quality of the forums, and acted only as a distraction to potential posters. The corruption of various staff members and clans also caused the RCS to become imbalanced and biased, with overpowered spells and equipment being handed out to practically anyone. RPGP suffered many losses in terms of staff and veterans, each with their own reasons for leaving RPGP and seeking other forum haunts, and RPGP's population began to dwindle as each unnecessary reset took place. RPGPalace v4 symbolised the end for most regulars, with Storm committing social suicide by dating a string of minors on the Internet with no real regard for any of his other members.

Nowadays, RPGP is an absolute dead-zone and serves only as a trolling ground for Anfiniti members in the pursuit of lulz.


An ezboard (brpggamer) run by Magus (peace be upon him), the original RPG Palace Admin. Storm, Atma, Spincut, and Tweak were among the moderators at this time. Storm, who ran planetstorm.net at the time, offered Magus a free vbulletin board. Magus accepted but soon after disappeared to a netherworld known as college. All but two of the members who remember the time of Magus and his ezboard disappeared with him. These two members were Storm, who seized the throne of RPG Palace, and Atma, who still waits patiently for the return of Magus, the event which will mark judgment day and liberation for His people.


During this time(Aproximately early 2002-August 2002), RPGP was known as Game Quest or GQ. A few veteran members joined at this time, such as Thiorn, Ferret, Rickk, Zaben, Pip, The Bo, .:M:.(Son Goku at the time), and Solitary Seraph under an assumed name(Rachel lol). This was a time mostly known for the "great flame war" in which assistant admin KMFDM_KID was having some issues with Storm. This resulted in "secret forums" created by K_Kid where V2's veteran members bashed Storm and din't follow the rules. As a result of this, K_KID created his own forums named Game Quest where the rules were more liberal and dragged with him his posse. AFter this event, Storm changed the forum name back to RPG Palace, the event most agree started Version 3.


An era spelling a huge amount of change for RPGP. An overwhelming proportion of noteworthy Anfiniti members registered during this period of time (Lasting approximately 9 months). It spells the second rise and fall of Minion, the growth of Reno's Shin-Ra clan and the beginning of RCS corruption.


Was pretty gay. It consisted mostly of Storm's nauseating displays of flirtation on the shoutbox with anybody who had tits and feigned any form of interest in him. Naturally, this all ended in disaster for the forum. Whenever Storm got dumped, so did the site, resulting in the creation of yet another new version.

... And?

After v4, the first versions of Anfiniti were created. These versions, however, were merely a shadow of what Anfiniti stands for today, especially considering it was essentially RPGP with a different name. It was still administrated by Storm and his flunkies, and still suffered the same setbacks as RPGP v3 and v4, dominated by Storm's eRelationships and RPG/Staff corruption. Despite this evident suckery, a few moments of hilarious infamy occured through the medium of Terra and his intensely large sexual appetite. After around 7 months of Anfiniti prototypes, the great RPGP/Anfiniti split occured, with Storm's flunkies siding with RPGP and everybody else staying with the name Anfiniti and its new administrator Solitary Seraph.

Anfiniti's success was unprecedented, and RPGP's size began to dwindle further as RPGP members saw the light and joined Anfiniti, presumably tired of Storm (now known as 'Sakura', yes, as in the teenage ninja girl from Naruto) and his obnoxious shenanigans. The great flame thread [1] clearly stated the dividing line.

The rest is history.

The Epic RPGP Shitflood of September '07

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The End of the Palace's Seven Year Reign

After Sasuke's obliteration of the latest version of RpgP, the board was for a short time a haven for trolls. Then Storm decided to roll everything back to a previous version, and everything appeared to be good for a short time. But, in an attempt to quell the registration of new trolls sure to follow, he set all registrations to be approved of by the administration before they could post.

It is speculated that trolls registrered in such vast amounts that the administration (read: Storm) couldn't cope with it.

Sunday, 6-15-08, the forums were replaced with a notice that RpgP had been taken offline. As is his style, Storm puts the reasons for RpgP's decline on everyone's shoulders but his own, and talks about the new site he is putting together with total disregard to the fact that his management skills are still atrocious to say the least.

Addendum: So it appears Storm's new super awesome site has been replaced with a generic advert placeholder. You may fake surprise at will.