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Sasuke (disambiguation)

BEWARE.Lupin.JPGAn art thief wants to dry hump your canvas.
He's not as good as Lupin :P.

Following the Epic RPGP Shiftlood of 2007, things had become relatively quiet around both Anfiniti and RPGP. Only fringe trolling occurred, usually by the heroes Uber_Ninja and Batman, and somewhere along the line TCG was "attacked." However, no one could've forseen what would've happened next. During this period of apparent solitude, the unthinkable happened as Sasuke joined Anfiniti. Given his history, it was a strange move to say the least, and several denizens of Anfiniti were left dumbfounded as to why he'd do such a thing. So, people reacted the way it would've been expected. They found out who Sasuke was, and ruined his first thread.

However, no one could've anticipated exactly what would happen when an extremely bored Britfag could tear his dickbeaters away from his cock long enough to run a search through deviantArt of Sasuke's "artwork," which had been plastered in a self-fellating thread on RPGP, quickly backed up by said Britfag.

The Drama Unfolds

After running a quick search through deviantArt, Enema soon discovered similarities between Sasuke's own artwork and a bloke named Jakuu. As a matter of fact, some of these pictures are so similar that Sasuke could be the best tracer in the known universe. That, or a fraudulent faggot with a penchant for pathologically lying. Without much time wasted, Enema had put together a thread detailing Sasuke's fraud, meanwhile the collective user-base of Anfiniti laughed and facepalmed in context of his previous folly of claiming to be Asian, when clearly over-weight and acne-ridden. Almost immediately after going up, another forumite, basement-dweller ZombieG picked up on the opportunity to unfurl this into a massive drama bomb, and the collective raid on everything Sasuke had ever hoped to achieve on the internet began.

Deja Vu

What makes this timing so much sweeter, is that apparently Sasuke had been hired by two TokyoPop(what the fuck is that shit anyway) artists to animate a manga.

I... I can't believe it! Okay... I was guest liason to Mara Aum and Erica Reis, two Tokyopop manga artists, and it was the most amazing weekend I have had in a VERY long time at Saboten-con. Though... here is why I titled this so. I showed them some of my original art and they loved it. Here's the good part... they told me they would take the copies and show them to the Tokyopop editors!!! Not only that, Mara gave me two websites for Del Rey and Yen Press submissions as they are now accepting american manga. I sent in my electronic portfolio to both two nights ago and I just got a reply back from Del Rey saying they want to work with me on a graphic novel project!!!!! My dream... it's come true, guys! I'm a professional manga-ka! Well... I've just now started, but I still am! *faint*



Immediately afterwards, Cloud asked him exactly how full of shit he was, which was when Sasuke responded:

Da pm to jakuu.jpg
It's not. It's totally true. I don't do that crap anymore


Sasuke, master of irony. And art theft, apparently.

Almost immediately, ZombieG began to find everything he could on Sasuke. After finding Jakuu's deviantArt, he dispatched a notice talking about Sasuke's fraudulent claims, which caused Jakuu to join RPGP, most likely to get in touch with Sasuke, although this cannot be (and more than likely won't be) confirmed.

"Oh Fuck, They Have Everything"

Soon, that was to be the phrase running through that pitiful rolledex of decent deviantArt fanart-ist addresses that Sasuke calls his head, as within a short amount of time. Enema and ZombieG had found what they then thought to be the motherload, as running a search on one of Sasuke's handles yielded a how-to cosplay thread complete with pictures on an open FTP, viewable to all. After quickly raiding this of all his personal pictures and renamed, thieved art, both began to laugh as the Sasuke who formerly claimed to be Asian was nothing more than an over-weight manga addict and Japanophile with a problem with personal hygiene.

Eventually, Ferret, the troll to end all trolls, became involved and ended up compiling a massively long list of information available on Sasuke, all of which is viewable here. This was used against Sasuke as ZombieG demanded that Sasuke contact, or else all of his information would be posted. Some excerpts from the log are as follows:

ZombieBman:	Do you remember exactly how many sites you made your claims on?
TabamoPWNSj00:	Um... not sure... maybe about six?
TabamoPWNSj00:	I will rectify those claims soon, however.
TabamoPWNSj00:	I actually have to thank you guys... I already planned to stop it and start anew, 
but you guys are kinda pushing me to try and make things right...
ZombieBman:	Yes.
ZombieBman:	Thank us.
ZombieBman:	And are you planning on telling your employer?
TabamoPWNSj00:	Most likely.
TabamoPWNSj00:	Basically my entire future is ruined...
ZombieBman:	Don't be so sure yet.
TabamoPWNSj00:	Okay
ZombieBman:	Why don't you have the confidence to just do that?
ZombieBman:	Be honest?
TabamoPWNSj00:	Well I really don't know how to answer that. I guess I felt I had to be amazing at 
something and, since I can't really play my trumpet for interweb people, I picked art. Back then 
I wasn't good at all and I still don't think I am... well not according to Del Rey, but that's them.
TabamoPWNSj00:	So I, being stupid, felt comfort in ripping Des off, I guess.
TabamoPWNSj00:	Now I see it as just a juvenile impulse that could possibly give me jail time...
TabamoPWNSj00:	So... it's easy to say I feel horrible and that I am done for good.
ZombieBman:	So you lack confidence?
ZombieBman:	On the internet of all places?
TabamoPWNSj00:	I guess so.
TabamoPWNSj00:	Sounds stupid, now that you mention it.
ZombieBman:	Yeah.
ZombieBman:	You say you're too sensitive, but you have no reservation about 
passing other peoples' art off as your own.
ZombieBman:	Something's strange about that.
TabamoPWNSj00:	Yeah... that is true.
TabamoPWNSj00:	Well I used to. Now I guess you can say I've gone through rehab.
ZombieBman:	No offense, but this reminds me alot of when Anfiniti discovered you were not Asian.
TabamoPWNSj00:	It does to me to.
TabamoPWNSj00:	*too

tl;dr, Sasuke clearly begins over-dramaticizing the entire situation. Also, looks like his information got posted anyway. Too bad. Oh well, apparently this is "helping" him.

Welcome to RPGP v9!

Soon after the message was dispatched to Jakuu, he joined RPGP. In less than a few hours, a shitstorm descended upon the place as members began posting evidence of Sasuke's art fraud all over the site. By the next morning, the entire site had been blanked. Uber-Ninja's soon-to-be-epic sim battle with Batman; destroyed. Immediately, fingers began pointing at Sasuke, who immediately claimed to have no part in any of it, instead coming up with a line that sounds very much like absolute bullshit:

I was downstairs watching a movie and a friend who was over saw this and thought it would "protect" me. It's fair to say that he's not much of a friend anymore.


Sasuke, trying to bullshit a bullshitter

And I know you guys won't believe me.


Sasuke, winning the prize


Of course, RPGP was wiped clean. This is actually not surprising, considering you could bat a malevolent eyebrow in Storm's direction and he'd fucking delete everything. A few Anfiniti members also prematurely released evidence of his fraud in some forum about faggot bands. However, reaction on Anfiniti was choice:

I remember him taking requests and them not turning out in any way, shape, or form from the person's demands.


Black Mage

God I hate people like that. So much.


Mit Man, the champion of Nintendofaggotry/pacifism

He's anfinitis Todd Goldman without the effort.



Sasuke should just kill himself.




I love you guys. So much.



However, as a general rule of thumb, there're always sympathizers:

This thread is kind of sad, guys, and not only because of Sasuke lying.


SobberBob, tearing himself away from horrible indie bands and antidepressants long enough to post

This, however, was quickly dealt with:

Dude, you're right. I'm going to lay on the floor all day and think about what I did.

Sike. Piss off.



You can't enjoy masturbation. There's no way you can enjoy how much fun this is.


ZombieG, who definitely does enjoy masturbation

Batman's Release From Ban-ification and The Events Following


Shortly before the obliteration of RPGP (if not immediately before it), Solitary Seraph unbanned Batman- a forum hero to Anfiniti passers by, and an annoying spammer to uptight RPGP douchebags. After the irradication of RPGP, Batman promptly spammed up six posts proving the glory and ruling power he always had over the neglected forums:







As of June 4, 2008 he has posted more threads in record than anyone on RPGP.


Association with Clanfiniti

Sasuke was a member of this Anfiniti-injected clan started by Ehsivar (on RPGP) that originally had little purpose. Over time, this "clan" of sorts became a front for eliminating the remaining activity on RPGP by convincing the RPGP'ers to join Anfiniti. The loose idea was to destroy RPGP. Sasuke ironically completed the clan's main goal when he completely obliterated each post in the forum- including Clanfiniti's thread. He is regarded as a hero, and a traitor, and was put in between the line in the Clanfiniti member list thusly.

Other Stuff

Back in late 2006, Sasuke took art requests from the users of RPGP; the result was a very confused user base. Sasuke would miss the mark completely on these requests and cover it up with very obscure references (things like, "I drew you with black skin because one time you said something about Africa). To Sam, knowing Sasuke in real life and knowing is history of lying, it was quite obvious these works were stolen. In response to these blatant acts of plagiarism, Sam posted this thread in Anfiniti's Peanut Gallery. At the time, it was sort of an inside thing between Sam, Hayato, and Rain, so the thread didn't go over too well with the people of Anfiniti. However, due to recent events, said thread is fucking win.

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