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I added some pages for me to work on later, along with a couple redirects for abbreviations. Since some of the things might end up just being used on only my page, or lacking more than just one sentence of a description, I might end up deleting them. My goal is to try to stuff as much information as I can into the Wiki, but if it ends up being useless or pointless, I'll remove it. Anyway, I just wanted to give a heads up to everyone about it. -Zaben

Added a few new links to the main page, mostly to get something done for some of the otherwise nonexistent links on our navigation panel. The Donations/Anfiniti:Site support page should give information to people of how to donate to the site, and possibly include information about the benefits of being a donater/subscriber. I'm going to guess this will be up Sean/Prophet's alley. As for current events, I figured we could use that as a sort of advertisement thing to attract people to certain events. IE; working on this wiki (obvious), or advertising an RPG, new addition to Anfiniti, or whatever else we might want to put a spotlight on. -Zaben

Since the donation page leads to an Anfiniti category (Anfiniti:Site support instead of just 'Site support' or 'Donations') instead of a main page, it might not be a bad idea to put a redirect or something (which I can do if no one else can figure out how) on the Anfiniti:Site support page to a main page where the information over donations could be covered. Or someone with the power to edit the navigation section could change the 'Donations' link to a main page instead of an Anfiniti category page. And possibly delete whatever pages we might not end up using (I don't see much hope for Community portal), as well as add anything else we might dub as 'important'. Along those lines, the links for 'Privacy policy' and 'disclaimers' at the bottom could probably get staked, along with 'About Anfiniti' unless you all want to direct that to the page containing information/history over Anfiniti Network. Though since the Anfiniti Network link will probably stay on the main page anyway, the 'About Anfiniti' link at the bottom could probably get removed too. -Zaben

Right now, putting images on the Wiki is a no go. They need to be uploaded in order to show on Wiki, and uploading images (and other files) is currently disabled. So I'm guessing only people with FTP access will be able to work with images, unless uploading is allowed, if at least for priviledged users (make a usergroup that allows uploading files, and add certain people to that usergroup?). -Zaben

Stop gaying up my Wiki talk page. -ZombieG

Wiki battles are lame. -Cloud

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