The Really Good Clan

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The Really Good Clan

During version 3 of RpgP when everyone and their deceased grandmother were making clans in the same style bunnies reproduce, there were a select few who wanted something more. Something better. Something exclusive.

And thus The Really Good Clan was born. It didn't have a sub-forum like the really big clans did. It didn't have a thread for people to sign up. Hell, it wasn't really talked about at all.

It was that exclusive.

To get into The Really Good Clan, you had to be recommended by an already existing member of TRGC. Since each member only could recommend a new member once, the total membership never really amounted to much.

Members identified themselves by adding TRGC, usually in black type, to their signatures.

The total memberlist was:

Ferret (Founder and self-proclaimed chairman)
ZombieG/Ryan (Self-proclaimed best painter in the universe and possible sex-slave)
Zaben (Left-over)
NanakiXIII (Never showed up for the meetings)
Thiorn (Thiorn)

Current status of TRGC

The Really Good Clan has seen a revitalization as The Really Good Group, a private-ish social group at the Anfiniti forum. Current membership, leadership, longboats, and managing, are similar to TRCG's. Nothing much happens, and that's how we like it.

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