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きもち!!Wapanese.jpgThis article is about some smelly weeb.
"Who needs real women when 2D girls are perfect." - Some weeb probably

Fuck You, I'm a Kitsune

While not technically an Anfiniti member, she has taken it upon herself to stand up for her boyfriend 2K-Dragon's good nameCitation.png, whilst berating unsuspecting Anfiniti stalwarts Chaos Bard and Shalashaska on their wiki pages for reasons unknown. She is, for dubious reasons, vandalizing wiki articles as a pathetic means of saving face whilst fervently denying any involvement DESPITE THE FACT THAT SHE'S USING HER OWN FUCKING USERNAME. The only thing that trumps her impressive lack of intellect is her choice of men, as she is currently in a relationship with YouTube hack, part-time Dragon and colossal faggot 2K-Dragon.

Tsukiko74, underrated intellectual

A mindnumbing dullard, she openly threatened Anfiniti after seeing the 2K-Dragon article, presumably spewing over into a frothing rage. That said, her rage is thoroughly unintimidating, and glorious Anfiniteers Indigo and Enema proceeded with image komedy regardless.

What jerks if any of you had a mom she would be disappointed with how distasteful you are and since this is posted don't think this is a threat mind you but you will be prosecuted for these acts some time in your life, what goes around comes around and frankly I hope it does happen upon your door step soon ^^


Tsukiko74, truly a champion of logic

Isn't this counted as stealing someone's face and forging? Isn't that against the law??


Nope. See gallery for clarification.

Your days are numbered Anfiniti unless you delete the crap about 2k, I mean it!! And I don't even know the guy but when i read that it really offended me and so I looked him up turns out he isn't a bad guy says some of his friends since i haven't talked to him but if it was something about you wouldn't it hurt your feelings? How would you like it if I targeted you for everything you did in life??


YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED IF YOU DON'T DELETE THAT CRAP ABOUT 2K! That said, I don't even know the guy.

Bearing in mind that this entire debacle took place out of the blue, it is safe to assume that 2K-Dragon had briefed Tsukiko about the number of times he had his ass handed to him on Anfiniti.

Tsukiko74 and 2K-Dragon

She does the rounds on archetypal weeaboo hangouts GaiaOnline and deviantArt, along with her whimsically draconic beau 2K-Dragon. It is a fair assumption that their relationship is based around 'glomping' and 'huggles'. Though it is difficult to imagine the stoic 2K engaging in such sordid wapanese acts, 2K's contrarian philosophy of 'one burst of emotion being followed by another' may perhaps reveal an underlying emotional side to this deeply troubled young man.

I just hope she knows he dreams of raping women.

Tsukiko74 on deviantArt

Her artwork mostly consists of abysmal erotic depictions of her and 2K's online personas, and in some cases 'fursonas'. This gives reason to believe that both Tsukiko74 and 2K are furries, and thusly should be yiffing in hell for their sins. This is likewise with 2K, who's DA page is also inundated with thoroughly awful erotic art.

Her DA profile is located here: http://tsukiko74.deviantart.com/

Breaking News

During what appears to be in the first couple days of March, Tsukiko and her internet lover 2K-Dragon have broken up. Whether this was because they finally realized foxes and dragons could not procreate, or because NASA recently declared her a dwarf planet, we don't know. Considering the next day she mentioned how she wants to lose weight, we are leaning towards the latter. Stay tuned for updates on how the transfer of mass could affect the angle of the Earth's axis.