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Black Mage

Anfiniti's friendly neighborhood practitioner of black magic, only followed by former member Vivi.

The Start

Originally only to be used to earn a former member Gil via referral, BM joined RPGPalace around late v2 under the name "Raven Blackheart," but was unable to log in due to AOL being...AOL. A couple days later he tried again and made a new account, under the name "Zeferous." It too was unable to log in. Eventually he gave up in his endeavor, and quickly forgot about ol' RPGP.

A year and a half later, another friend told him about RPGPalace, v3 at the time. Remembering his inability to log in, he was skeptical. With some egging on, he signed in at school under the name "Black Mage" and got on with success. Ever since then he found himself regularly returning to RPGP, making friends and taking part to nothing, and being rather oblivious to all that was going on between then and now as member Enema had once put it.

The RPGP/Anfiniti Split

Fed up with the tyrant Storm and his constant attitude, Black Mage followed suit with other members in an uncharacteristic flame and left for Anfiniti, where he was immediately appointed for moderator status and found himself having a good time. Eventually he was granted Super Mod status, and all was right with the world.

Since the split, Black Mage has made a good amount of friends and found himself more comfortable around the rather overwhelming regulars.

Recent Times

Currently, Black Mage has been revoked of his SMod status for being inactive, and is redeeming this fact by posting and participating in an RP of epic porportions.


Black Mage is a loyal Anfiniti member to the core. He has stayed true, through thick and thin, drama and peace, active and inactive, etc. He has gained some good friends, many aquaintances, and even perhaps an enemy or two, which is to be expected.

Fun Facts

  • Black Mage has gone to school with a few of the members of RPGP/Anfiniti, which includes:
    • Nimue
    • hsparks3
    • Spawn of Anubis (currently using the abbreviation SoA)
    • hiki
    • Another member with a forgotten name
    Black Mage is the only remaining member of the six.
  • Black Mage has not gone by anything else since joining v3, although he has changed his name for a month or two to participate in the "forum events."

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