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About Grim Oyster Kvlt

Originally registered at Anfiniti on May 3rd 2006, under the name "Grave Wisdom"

After a few months of on & off posting, he seemingly disappeared altogether. Eventually, he returned only to find his old account had been deleted. A few day's later, he just decided to re-register, this time using the name "Grim Oyster Kvlt"


First discovered Anfiniti around Feburary 06', but didn't register until May. Within his first few days, he had amassed 200+ posts.

Where is he now?

Grave finally returned to Anfiniti, on April 23rd 2007, under the account "Grim Oyster Kvlt" ,and has been very active ever since. Currently, he's averaging close to 20 posts a day.

Other Stuff

  • He also admins for a couple other forums, and posts at many more.

More to be added...